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Parliament Sittings

A full list of sitting dates is available on this calendar.

Queensland Parliament is also broadcast live online during each sitting week.  To view live Parliamentary Chamber broadcasts, or search archived broadcasts on the Queensland Parliament website click here.

Parliamentary Committees

Committees investigate specific issues and report back to the Parliament. Some committees also have continuing roles to monitor and review public sector organisations or keep areas of the law or activity under review.

A strong, active committee system is an asset in any functioning parliamentary democracy. In short, it allows the Parliament to ensure that the right decisions are being made at the right time and for the right reasons. At the same time it effectively enhances the democratic process by taking the Parliament to the people and giving them a role in its operations. Committees are made up of Members from the Government, Opposition, Minor Parties and Independents. For more information click here.



Glenn is an active member of the 57th Parliament and takes each and every opportunity to present the views of the Gladstone community and to discuss issues that affect this electorate. Glenn made 20 speeches to Parliament on a range of issues in his first year. A link to each speech can be found here.

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