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COVID SAFE Active Clubs Kickstart program

Returning to play has become a little easier for more locals with Gladstone Region sport and recreation clubs sharing in $1.8 million as part of the Palaszczuk Government’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan.

Under Round 2 of the COVID SAFE Active Clubs Kickstart program, 16 local clubs have received $2,000 in funding to support their activities and encourage Queenslanders to return to play.

We know sport is an important part of life for families in the Gladstone Region, with our clubs being the heart and soul of our community.

The successful recipients are: - BITS Saints AFC - Boyne Tannum Swim Club Inc. - Central Footbal Club Gladstone Inc - Clinton Football CLUB - Clinton Park Sports Association Inc. - Gladstone Calliope Equestrian Group/CQ Dressage - Harbour City Bmx Track - Gladstone Junior Touch - Gladstone Kart Club - Gladstone Rugby Football League Referee's Association Inc. - Gladstone South Swimming Club - Gladstone Tennis & Squash - Gladstone Touch Association Inc - Port City Pirates - Tannum Sands Rugby League Inc. - Valleys Junior Valleys Junior Rugby League Football Club Inc

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Unknown member
Jul 07, 2022

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