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More jobs in Hydrogen

The Gladstone Region is benefiting from decades of investment from the Queensland Government through our state-owned assets, setting us up to capitalise on the next wave of energy generation projects.

On Monday, Energy resource company, Australian Future Energy, announced a Memorandum of Understanding with one of Japan’s leading general trading companies, ITOCHU Corporation.

Gladstone's world-class deepwater port, water security through Awoonga Dam, and industry attraction via our State Development Area have all meant that Gladstone is set up to be the Hydrogen Capital of Australia.

It’s because of our investment that the Gladstone region has an outstanding record in development of energy exports from a standing start.

Pic credit: The Observer

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 25, 2022

As an editor from UPTON no one should wonder as if he learns that there are some other ways how you generate energy depending on the type of energy it should be generated with cost effective approach and at sustained rate using energy storage and optimization technology for power generation.

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